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Description of Ensembles

The South Effingham Middle School Band offers several curricular performing ensembles for students at a variety of different performing levels. Standards are high for all performing groups and all bands have a strong record of excellence. Band classes meet daily during a students connections period and because of the nature of the subject, do require a full year commitment.

6th Grade - Beginning Band

This is a critical year for band students to develop excellent playing habits in the areas of playing technique, posture, and proper rehearsal demeanor. Daily practice at home is a must for students to begin to develop their full potential on their instrument and to extract maximum returns for the investment of time they spend in class and for the cost of the instrument.

7th Grade - Intermediate Band

Students in this ensemble perform music of increasing difficulty and instruction is tailored to their abilities. The main focus of this ensemble is for the students to further develop the fundamental aspects of playing an instrument and continue to grow in technique, musicianship, and leadership.

8th Grade - Advanced Band

Students in this ensemble perform music at an advanced level for middle school and instruction is both personalized and challenging to help the students continue to grow. The main focus for this ensemble is for the students to develop strong technique and personal values before leaving SEMS

Students must commit to various concerts and after-school rehearsals as listed on our calendar. A commitment to these attending and being prepared for all rehearsals and performances is required. Participation in these events is non-negotiable and any conflicts should be communicated immediately to Mr. Smith or Mr. Panter.

Outside of our three curricular ensembles, the SEMS Band Program is proud to offer various opportunities for students to participate in and further their musicianship and leadership development. These opportunities are highly recommended for SEMS band students! All specific information will be located on our Google Classroom Page.

Mustang Winds

Mustang Winds is an honor band that meets separately from and performs different music than the grade level bands. Selection for this ensemble will take place during the fall semester and is based on rigorous criteria and a commitment to all rehearsals and performances is required. Mustang Winds will Participation in the Mustang Winds is a privilege and all requirements must be met in order to be a member of this high level performing ensemble. This ensemble meets during the spring semester only and is in addition to all other curricular responsibilities.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band is comprised of students in the 7th and 8th grades. In addition, a student must be in a curricular band class to be in the jazz band. The group meets in the afternoons as it is entirely extra-curricular and will perform at various concerts. All dates The students in this group perform music in swing, Latin, rock, and pop styles and learn the basics of improvisation. Auditions are required only of those students who wish to play piano, bass, guitar, or drum set.

Percussion Ensemble

The SEMS Percussion Ensemble is another opportunity for 7th and 8th grade percussionists to experience playing in a new setting and further their musicianship. When this ensemble starts rehearsing, dates will be uploaded to our calendar and communicated to students and their families.

Other Involvement Opportunities 

GMEA All-District Honor Band and All-State Honor Band

GMEA Middle School Band Clinic

Solo and Ensemble

SEMS Bands Master Musician Program

Marching Mustang Leadership Academy