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Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education 

Basic Information:

  • Physical education classes are designed to teach sportsmanship, fitness and basic motor skills.
  • If a student cannot participate in all activities of Physical Education a doctor’s note must be presented to the school regarding the limitations.
  • If your child is unable to participate in the regular physical education program due to any health issues, please inform the school/teacher immediately and provide documentation from a medical doctor

Rules & Expectations:

  • Tennis shoes must be worn for PE. If a student does not have tennis shoes they will not earn dress out points for that day.
  • Students MUST have a water bottle for class that is filled prior to coming to the gym; no sharing allowed.
  • Hair longer than shoulder length (girls or boys) must be pulled back.
  • No large jewelry is allowed; watches and small earring are acceptable.  Chains, rings and bracelets should be removed as they may hinder exercises and create a risk for injury.
  • No food, gum, candy, drinks, aerosol spray or magic markers are allowed in the gym, locker rooms, weight room or outside area in which class takes place.
  • Students will need  clear solid or gel deodorant for class; no sharing of deodorant allowed.
  • RESPECT all teachers and classmates at all times; no fighting, profanity or trash talking
  • If a student is not allowed to participate in class for any reason, written work or a fitness walk will be assigned for that day.
  • A note from parents/guardians will only excuse a student from participation for two days per nine weeks.  If more than two days will be missed, the student will need a doctor’s excuse.
  • Students will not be allowed to use equipment if they cannot keep their hands away from their mouth during class; this includes biting fingernails, chewing on shirts and strings.

Dressing out:

Students must dress out for class.  If a student does not dress out points will be deducted from thier daily grade.  Additionally students will not be allowed to participate in activities days if not dressed out but will still be required to do their fitness. 

  • Bottoms - shorts must have a minimum inseam of 5 inches, biker shorts must have 7-inch inseam, shorts must not sag off the hips, pants must be athletic type pants (no pajama pants or
  • Shirts must be a crew neck short or long sleeve shirt (not tank tops), must cover the stomach when arms are raised overhead.


Grades will be based  50% for participation and 50% on tests (test will be written and/or technique based).  Study guides for all written tests will be in Google Classroom.

Fitness testing:

Students will take part in a pre and post fitness test utilizing the Fitnessgram model.  Components include: push-ups, curl-ups, sit and reach, pacer test and timed mile run.  Students will also have their height and weight in order to calculate their Body Mass Index; these numbers will be confidential.

Discipline Progression:

If a student cannot follow instructions or behave in a proper manner the following steps will be taken:

  1. Student/Teacher Conference- warning given
  2. Silent Lunch and Parent contact
  3. Wednesday Detention and Parent Contact


I will assign tutorial time if I feel like a student needs to attend, if you wish your child to attend please contact me in advance; this is not PE time, this is to help with written tests/assignments.  Tutorials will take place Fridays at 7:30 AM.